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Menu for the Week of September 19th

RosieJo Meals

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  • Hayley Constance-RosieJo Meals on

    Hi Linda,

    To order, click on the “Menu/Order” page on the top menu. From there you may add meals to your cart and place your order online with your credit card. Local pick ups are available on Saturday and Monday and we also deliver!

  • Hayley Constance-RosieJo Meals on

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, plantains are essentially very starchy bananas that are a dense source of carbs.
    The salmon cakes only contain one tablespoon of coconut flour, which is naturally very low in carbs! The nutrition information is available when placing your order.

  • Mary Speights on

    are tostones a carb?
    Do salmon cakes have flour/carbs

  • LInda on

    How do I order a few meals so I can see if I like?

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