New menu posted every Sunday. Orders accepted until Friday at 3pm CST for the following Tuesday pick up.
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How does this work?


  • Is RosieJo Meals a subscription service? Is there a minimum order?

While we plan to offer this as an option in the future, no subscription is required. There is also no minimum order! Order as many or as few as you would like.

  • How does the ordering process work?

Meal orders are placed Sunday-Friday at 3pm CST to pick up or be shipped the FOLLOWING Tuesday.

Order sooner in the week rather than later. We begin to sell out of meals as Friday approaches so we recommend getting on it early to make sure you get exactly what you want!

The site reads "sold-out" on all meal menu items Fridays after 3pm. Check back on Sunday for the next week's menu.

Bulk menu items will remain live at all times. Bulk items purchased before 3pm Friday will be available for pick up or delivery/shipping the FOLLOWING Tuesday. Bulk items purchased between 3pm Friday and Sunday will be available for pick up or delivery/shipping the following Thursday.

  • I live locally, can I pick up my meals at your storefront?
Absolutely! Pick up is available Tuesdays 10am-4pm at our store located at
717 S Martin Luther King Blvd Temple, TX 76504
You will be able to choose your pick up time at checkout
  • Will you deliver to me?

We would love to! We offer weekly delivery to many business in the area at no extra charge.

Currently, we deliver to the following locations on Tuesdays. You will be prompted to choose a location at checkout:

CrossFit Cataclysm. CrossFit CenTex. CrossFit DSP. CrossFit Sprag. CrossFit Waco.

Don't see your gym or business listed and would be interested in setting up recurring drop off at your location? Contact us at 254-718-5924 and we'd love to help!

Other deliveries will incur a small delivery fee and locations outside of our delivery area will be shipped via FedEx.

  • I live in Texas but not near Temple or a pick up location. Can you ship to me?

Yes! We ship within Texas to homes, businesses, gyms, even hotels. We ship out via FedEx on Tuesdays using overnight ground. Please note that there is a 12 meal minimum order to qualify for shipping. This is because shipping meals requires special packaging and our packaging extends the shelf life to 14 days in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer. A small flat rate of $10 is added to cover shipping and handling costs.

  • I don't live in Texas. Can you ship to me? YES!!!

NATION WIDE SHIPPING IS OPEN! We will ship anywhere in the United States via FedEx. Our packaging is designed to keep food fresh and it is our goal to eventually be big enough to offer FREE SHIPPING. In the meantime, when shipping outside of Texas, we use the following shipping tiers:

- $30: 1-20 items

- $60: 21-40 items

- $90: 41-60 items

- etc.

Tell me more about the meals?


  • Some meals have pictures and nutritional information and some don't, why's that?

Meals without pictures and/or nutritional information are brand new menu items! We like to keep things fresh and use foods in season, so we're constantly offering new meals to choose from. Nutrition information for new meals are updated throughout the week as we perfect the recipes.

  • How are the portion sizes per meal?

We get regular feedback that our meals are often large enough to be two servings, though they are intended to be one meal for one person.

  • Should I order meals or bulk prep items?

Order a little of both and see what suits your lifestyle best!

Choosing our pre prepared meals gives you a complete meal that includes a protein, carb, and vegetable and lets you reap the benefits of eating a diversity of foods, without having to even think about it!

Our bulk menu is great for those who like to switch up their sides and personalize their meals while having the ease of precooked food. This option is also perfect for athletes and people who wish to track their intake a little closer.

  • How long do the meals last? Can I freeze them?

RosieJo meals have a 2 week shelf life if kept in the refrigerator. We recommend eating any meals containing fish or fresh greens first.

All of our meals, outside of salads containing fresh greens, freeze well! If you don't get to all of your meals before the week is up, throw them in your freezer until you're ready to eat. Then, thaw at room temperature before reheating or reheat from frozen.

  • Speaking of reheating, what is the best way to reheat my RosieJo meal?

We think food is always best reheated in a 350 degree oven until warmed through. This is especially true for all shrimp, fish, and steak entrees! Reheat these proteins separately on a lined sheet tray in a conventional oven until warm.  

All other meals do just find in the microwave!

This sounds great; I'm ready to order!

Awesome; click here to start ordering:)





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